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   Frequently Asked Questions

A Staff Unlike Any Other
The teachers at Mendel Abrams Hebrew School have an ideal combination of professionalism and dedication. A young, energetic staff keeps up with the kids as well as the latest innovative teaching techniques. It is a staff dedicated to educating the whole child: diverse learning styles are recognized and celebrated through instruction in music, dance, visual art, drama, cooking, debate, and yes, even reading and writing. Games, role-play, technology, and other progressive techniques are the norm at Mendel Abrams Hebrew School.
A Program Unlike Any Other
The curriculum at Mendel Abrams Hebrew School is centered around a central idea: Judaism is best learned through positive experiences; and Judaism can be experienced in many ways. Jewish identity is shaped through language study. Spiritual development is nurtured through community involvement. Tzedakah programs are strengthened through ongoing relationships with area nursing homes, crisis centers, and hunger response organizations. Mendel Abrams Hebrew School meets on Wednesdays and Saturdays, which opens up a variety of experiences that children might not otherwise have. Besides necessitating creative teaching techniques (no writing on Saturdays), students regularly attend and participate in services. The entire school community: parents, teachers, and students, meet together at least once a week, experiencing Shabbat and not just learning about it.
A Community Unlike Any Other
The Rabbi Mendel L. Abrams Hebrew School welcomes input and encourages communication between all members of the community. Parents and students can find out what’s going on at school on our website; all shareholders in the school are in constant communication. Monthly Family Services offer an opportunity to bond as a group in an entertaining and relaxed environment. All of these factors combine to make a truly unique learning community — one where diversity is valued, where learning is enjoyed, and where children get a chance to explore, learn about and experience their Jewish heritage.
Schedule, Tuition and Contact Information
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For more information, contact the Principal, Bret Goldstein (, 301-441-2347) or Beth Torah (, 301-927-5525).