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Well, we are finally listed on and can now have contributions made to Beth Torah by the SunTrust Bank.  For every new account that is opened at SunTrust, and a redemption request is made, a $100 contribution will be made by SunTrust to Beth Torah.  Here is the scoop.

  1. Open a new personal OR business checking account by Dec. 31, 2008.
  1. Accept a SunTrust Visa Check (Debit) Card and make at least one purchase with that card
  1. Complete and submit a redemption form by requesting a contribution be made to BETH TORAH CONGREGATION OF HYATTSVILLE, MD.  This request must be made by February 15, 2009.   (You will need Beth Torah’s EIN when you submit your redemption request.  The number is 52-0736350.)

There are six different checking accounts from which to choose.  (I signed up for “Select 50 Checking” which has no monthly maintenance fee and no minimum balance.)  You must use your Check Card at least once to draw from this account, but you MUST keep at least $1.00 in the account until February 15, 2009 when the bank will make the donation to Beth Torah on your behalf.  Donations will be made from only one personal and one business account per household.  When you open the account, they will try to sell you on their other services, as any bank does.  But you needn’t sign up for anything other than the checking account and the Visa Check Card.

THIS IS AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY TO SUPPORT OUR SYNAGOGUE!!  DON’T MISS OUT!!  It will take some of your time but will cost you NOTHING and Beth Torah could actually experience a windfall of a couple of thousand dollars.  So, don’t delay.  SIGN UP NOW.

And it would be great if you could respond to this email when you have opened the new account so we can have an idea as to how much Beth Torah will be receiving in donations.